and other tenuous positions.

collaborative exhibition by
Ward Shelley and
Alex Schweder



March 21 - April 30

Lawrimore Project
831 Airport Way S.,  Seattle, WA  98134
(206) 501-1231

Tuesday - Saturday    10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Or by appointment

Lawrimore Project is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition by artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley. The exhibition will occupy all four rooms of the gallery and will include works that utilize a variety of media.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is Stability., an architectural performance piece that will be occupied by the artists during the first week of the show. In counterpoint to its name, Stability. is a piece in which balance is a matter of negotiation, and negotiation is the performance.

Like a see-saw, this 25 foot structure is a house balanced on a central pivot with the two artists living at either end. When occupied the two bodies will need to move in the space in relation to one another to keep the structure straight. Visually separated by a kitchen and bathroom in the center, the occupying bodies will sense each other through displacement of weight. Activities will naturally change (willingly or not) as the house shifts.

Shelley and Schweder, who met each other during a year-long residency at the American Academy in Rome, connected over their shared interest in working at the intersection of art and architecture.

The following year they collaborated on a project at New York’s SculptureCenter called Flatland which combined radical architecture and 6 live bodies in an intensive 3 week occupation. While living in this work they came to understand buildings as actions as well as objects, and how architecture initiates a feedback loop of influences between subject and object. Winston Churchill once said, "First we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us." In the case of Flatland, and now Stability., the effect is extreme.

Extreme might also be used to describe Alex Schweder's interactive sculpture installation in the side gallery, "Plumbing Us". Consisting of unique conjoined urinals that share a common drain, male on one side and female on the other - users can mingle their un-needed body fluids. In this fully plumbed installation the bodies of the users will mix as they go down the drain.

In the back gallery, Ward Shelley will have an exhibition of his timeline paintings, elaborate narrative works that use illustration, data plotting, and graphical conventions. "Re-Materializing Art" depicts artists and careers in the so-called "dematerialized" or "live" art forms. Subjects include the life and times of Carolee Scheemann, Pat Oleszko, Jack Smith and Arto Lindsay.

The artists would like to thank the inimitable Alan Altman for his indispensable contributions.