Just inside the door to the gallery's ten-year anniversary show, "Decade," hangs the"'Williamsburg Tune Line Drawing," by Ward Shelley. Structured like a map of the geological record, it traces the multifarious curatorial, amorous, and incidental relationships that have shaped the local scene since that antediluvian era in 1979 when, according to the drawing, "Giants Walked the Earth." Works by more than fifty artists in all media fill the room, from such eyecatching numbers as a trippy, colorful gouache by Bruce Pearson and a polyethylene blob sculpture by Roxy Paine to a confection of crocheted paper by Seong Chun and dense but delicate word drawings by Michael Waugh. It's a mini-lesson in history that's still happening. Through May 19. (Schroeder Romero, 173A N. 3rd St. 718-486-8992.)


BELOW: An actual size detal from the Williamsburg Time Line Drawing. Original is 84" X 32"