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Pierogi Gallery -- Brooklyn

Teapot -- Cologne

Massimo Carasi -- Milan

Douglas Paulson

Alex Schweder

  Recent Projects   Recent Paintings and Drawings
  Counterweight Roommate - 2012 - Scope in Basel, Switzld   Unreliable Narrator - 2012 - Pierogi, Brooklyn
  Grow or Die 2 - 2012 - deCordova Museum, Boston   Who Invented the Avant Garde - and other half-truths - 2009 - Pierogi, Brooklyn
  Stability.- 2009 - Lawrimore Project, Seattle
Stories from A-Z (Andy to Zappa)
- 2010 - Launchprojects, Santa Fe
- 2010 - Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Art
  The Downtown Body Project - 2008 - Bomb Magazine
- 2007 - SculptureCenter, NYC




Below: Installation view of Flatland at the Sculpture Center in New York, 2007





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