Ward Shelley works as an artist in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in large projects that freely mix sculpture and performance. Utilizing eclectic influences and a variety of media, Shelley’s installations defy classification. Over the last five years, Shelley has concentrated on bizarre functioning architectural pieces in which he lives and works during the exhibition monitored with live surveillance video equipment.

He first exhibited as an artist in Miami. BA at Eckerd College but earned his Masters degree from NYU and has been working and showing in New York since then. He moved to Williamsburg in 1994 and also began exhibiting in Europe at that time.
Shelley has exhibited in more than 10 countries. Among works from the last five years familiar to New Yorkers are the interactive video-environment “the Cube”, the legendary Mir 2 Project, and the Voyage Platform. Very recently Shelley lived and worked inside the walls of Pierogi Gallery for 5 weeks for an exhibition called “We have mice”. Shelley also works with the collaborative artist group BBS and a talented young artist named Douglas Paulson.

Ward Shelley will be staying at the American Academy in Rome as a 2005-06 Fellow. He has received NYFA and NEA fellowships in sculpture and new media categories, a Bessie Award for installation art, as well as private foundation grants from the Jerome Foundation and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. He is represented by Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

Before and during his art career he has also worked in advertising, construction, teaching, special events, theater, rock bands, and built a 37-foot sailing sloop.