plan and design with Alex

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These are jobs that need to be started now. I will be in Germany for most of March so for the things that need my boost and input, we should be moving now.

Alex: design and models
--choose a version of the Flatland design
-- begin models
--alert customers about models
--re-spec materials
--buy vinyl, begin off-gassing

CPM timeline

the source for vinyl isTMI inc. 
phone # 1800 888 9750. 

we want the .020 mil x 54" x 60 yards type.  i think we will need about 6 rolls.

Ward 10.03.07:
I orderd the vinyl. Should have it Tuesday


The basic space limitations

"Warren style"


Bath and Kitchen plans


Flat Ideas:

White board
sleep shelves
bubbleboy EVA suit
fifteen cameras, 10 monitors
suits: better than jumpsuits?
Multiscreen TV
Web Page
make a band, regular rehearsals and performances
models and polaroids
apply for money under architecture



In this sketch, which I call "shifty", I can break up the rectangle but retain all the most efficiant configurations. I can send you the file, on the left, if you can edit it, if you want to. It is Adobe Illustrator.
Can you see a way to make the thing more interesting without throwing out the practical?
Also, where would you put 6 TV monitors? In "toothy", above, I have them mounted in the plynth.

Budget for Structure (first try)
size 2 x 40 x 28
floor 3 X 2 x 40 = 240 sq ft
1x2s 8 ft (164pc X $2 = $138) vert trim
2x4s 10 ft (126pc X $5 = $630) vertic support
2x6s 8 ft (30pc X $6 = $180) horiz cross
3/4 ply (10 pc X $40= $400) floors
1/2 Sheetrock 12 pc X $9 = $108 )plynth
cable/fittings $60
misc structure $300
vinyl $1500
plumbing $300
ttl ..........................$3616