---The Archive Projects


Archive - The lost analog archive of everything. An installation of 2000 boxes with unique lables, with video and performing actors.


  By Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson    

This room-sized installation is part of a collaborative project begun in 2004. Originally conceived as a living environment that represented an externalization of the mind, "Archive" is a labyrinth visitors walk into made of 2,000 file storage boxes, each labeled and indicating the eccentric materials contained within. Taken together, the labels constitute a text which may be interpreted in many ways: a list of things someone feels they must save, a portrait of a personality or point of view, a hierarchal structure of information, or just irrational hoarding.

The result is an unexpectedly detailed view of an interior life, personality driven information hoarding where perhaps no rational system determines what is worth saving, and what can be safely forgotten. "Archive" has been described as a manifestation of the obsessive/compulsive hoarding disorder.

Versions of "Archive" have been exhibited in galleries in New York and Cologne, as well as Biennale Bonn, 2004; Basel/Miami, 2005 and 2006; Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, 2006; DeCordovaMuseum's New England Biennial, 2010; Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Art, 2010. "Archive" was part of Independent Curators International's traveling exhibition "Slightly Unbalanced" at six venues in the US and Canada.






  Technical Material from O. Elasson

Good Vibrations emitted unintentionally

Frequent spelling errors

Mt. Everest Paintings

technical sketches for AUDI A-6 ABANDONED

Energy (in bottles) renewable - disasterous

Things found floating

Subtle changes of color, RED

TX-R1 prototype

Realized Potential; Literary Examples of... entry 1900-

Olafactory Phenomena

Charted Islands, see: shipwrecks

Traditional painting from Gambia 18-W-731

Translation: Outside the white cube (English-Chinese)

W.R. Hearst Yellow Press

Short Stories from Marseilles, France (1 to 5 pages only!)

Old Coins (international) toothmarked

Attitudes that become forms > Formalism

William the Conqueror Tapestries / Channel crossing II

Mongolian BBQ: Recipes, Favorites, trouble shooting

b.c. -present a.d.

Family Rodentia

Major Major

Japanese Monsters

Zizous Shoes

L'Age D'Or

Louis D'Or

1819 projects from Olya

  Department of American Blenders

Unrewarded Public Appearances
(See also Private parts)

Communist party's Buying habits

Gentrification, effects of, NYC

Flakey Foont

Eugene Debs, Labor

Free Masonry - Scottish Rites

Lists of things found in cadavors

lists of harmful tobacco additives

Murphy's Law

R2 - D2

White Collar crimes (Dallas)

Enigmatic Abbreviations (see also T.L.C. and D. C. A.)

Photos from Russia (winter)

Migrating Birds of Europe

Transcriptions of Interviews with John Paul II (1993- 2001)

Space Equipment

Apocalyptic Prophesies See John 11.4

Mr. Littman's Choice

Mrs. Littman's Choice

Shipwrecks (see also Social Disasters)

Dionysian Rituals

Ray Gun Wings

Cervantes Don Quixote, second part

H. Melville Moby Dick's Dick

Right wing conspiracy Theories: The day after

Photos from Ogalan (different newspapers) Waterdamaged

Left wing Naiv: the day before

Actions from Fluxus and the Gutai Group